Sonar Based Off Of Debian GNU/Linux

Sonar is now offering versions based off of Debian GNU/Linux. The versions that are available for download are both 32 bit but they have the pae kernel and it will notice more than 4 GB. Of RAM. One of the versions is based off of Wheezy which should be moving to stable in the next few months. This won't effect Sonar at all and if you have it installed before Wheezy goes stable you will not notice a change in how your install is running.

The Sonar Project has a new podcast

The Sonar Project has released a podcast called Sonar Radio. This podcast will be to introduce people to Free software and assistive technology. We will talk about Free software and the effects it has on accessible software. We will also talk about why it is important for people that depend on accessible software to be using Free software for their technology. Among these topics we will also be discussing Sonar GNU/Linux and how to use it and get used to this alternative known as GNU/Linux. Join us and listen and email us with your questions and comments.

Welcome To Sonar GNU/Linux and accessible Freedom

Sonar GNU/Linux is a distribution that is focused on accessibility. Sonar will try and release a new version as soon as the latest Ubuntu is release due to the fact of Sonar being based off of Ubuntu. Sonar is a community based distro. The more people that are in this community the better Sonar will be. Using Free software for assistive technology will be the most affective for people that depend on it.