Quickstart guide

Installation of Sonar Gnome-Shell

Sonar uses the Gnome-Shell as the default desktop. After you have booted into the live session and Sonar is up and running. You can start the installation 2 ways. The first is to press the windows key and start to type in the word installation. It will automatically fill in the box Install Sonar. When this comes up you can press enter and the installation will start.

The other way you can start the installation is by either pressing the left or middle mouse button to bring you to the desktop. Once you are there you can arrow down until you see the option to install Sonar. Then press enter and the installation will start.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Sound

Volume up: Control + the up arrow
Volume down: Control + the down arrow
Toggle mute on and off: Control + m

Keyboard Shortcuts For Accessibility

Toggle magnifacation on and off: control + alt + m
Magnifacation zoom in: control + alt + +
Magnifacation zoom out: control + alt + -
Toggle Orca on and off: control + alt + o
Turn on onscreen keyboard: control + alt + k
Increase font size: control + alt + I
Decrease font size: control + alt + d
Activate high contrast: control + alt + h

Installation of Sonar based off of Sid and Wheezy

Before you start the install you will want to start the orca preferences and choose your keyboard layout.

Now press the windows key and type in the word live. This will bring up the installer.

Then it says that the installer itself will use English and you choose yes or no. After you tab to yes then press the space bar.

Next you will choose extra locals to be installed. If you just want 1 language installed you can just press tab to next and press the space bar.

After this you will choose the default local for the installation. Arrow through the choices and then tab to next and press the space bar.

Now you will configure the keyboard configuration. If you are using a u.s. Keyboard you can press tab to next and then press the space bar.

Next is setting up the keyboard layout. The default is u.s. Again if you are using a u.s. Keyboard you can press tab and then the space bar. During this point of the installer you will have the option to set up the kill x by pressing control, Alt and backspace. You will see this option as you are tabbing through the menu. If you would like this option just press the space bar to check the box.

Next is creating your partition. Here it says if you already have your partition set up you can press quit and you will quit gparted. Or if you don't have any partitions set up yet you can press continue to open gparted and start your partitioning.

You will arrow down and it will show your HDD. Here you will press enter to choose your HDD.

Now you will arrow down and it will show 3 partitions if you already have been running a Gnu/Linux operating system. The first partition should be the largest and this is the one you will want to format. Here you will right click on this and arrow down to format. Press the right arrow over and select the file system you would like to format your partition in. I recommend either x3 or x4. Now press enter to choose your file format. Then tab or arrow until you see apply and press the space bar. Then it will ask if you are sure that you want to format and press apply again to continue. This will take a few moments to format your HDD.

After formatting you will want to tab and then press close. Now press control q to quit gparted.

Arrow down until you see your hDD which will be labeled as sda.

Arrow down again and Then you will choose sda again.

Arrow down and Here you will choose your file system again either choose x3 or x4 and press the space bar.

You will arrown down and it will ask if you want root on home partition this is the only choice so press the spacebar.

Here the first text box is to enter your root passward.
The next text box is to reenter your root password.
Next is to choose the full username.
Now you will choose the name of the user to create.
Here enter the password for the user it must be different from the root password.
You will enter your username password again here.
The last text box is to choose the host name of the computer.

Now it will be asking where do you want to place the master boot record. It is set to mbr by default. Then you can press the spacebar.

Now it says that your system clock is set to your local time. Answering no will set it to UTC. So choose yes or no and then press enter.

Now you will arrow through the time zones and choose one and then press the space bar.

It will ask if you want to continue and you will press yes or no with the arrow key and then press the space bar on your choice.

installation of Sonar using LXDE>

Once you boot into the live session on the DVD you will press alt + control + the letter i. This will start the installer of Sonar. This installer is the same as the Gnome-Shell and Classic version of Sonar. To get to the top panel in order to connect to your wireless and ajust your volume You will want to press tab + control + alt. You will also find various other options to get to from the top panel.